Life Stories

A collection of real-life stories of people who bear witness to the saving grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ alone.

Heed God’s Call

Yolly Guanlao’s journey of being a parent to her daughter and being a daughter to her heavenly Father.

I became a widow at age 26 and my daughter was only two years old then. My husband was diagnosed with spleen cancer and eventually went home to be with the Lord after five months. I was left with nothing. I didn’t know where and how to start again.

God's Irresistible Grace

God’s Irresistible Grace

Since childhood, I believe that Jesus is God and the Savior of all. But there were significant details I wasn’t aware of and didn’t understand even after the Gospel was presented to me and I was led to pray.

1) Every sin = Eternal death (The Bible defines sin and it’s payment)

2) Man’s goodness ≠ God’s holiness (The Bible defines what it means to be good)

3) Knowing about Jesus ≠ knowing Jesus personally. (The Bible defines saving faith)

Created For God's Glory

Created For God’s Glory

My whole life, I was too busy with school and then with work so I didn’t have time to stop and think about life, until I had a two month gap in my employment which made me ask some of the most important questions in life.

Do we live only to study, graduate, make money, get married, raise kids, grow old, then die? Is this all there is to life? Yes, these are common pursuits but to what end if we can bring none of these to the grave?

Is there really more that can and should be known about Jesus?

A Prodigal Child of God

Hi! My name is Anja Nielsen, I was born in 1974 in Klaksvík, Faroe Islands. I was raised hearing about Jesus and I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior at an early age but I spent most of my life away from God.

I was almost 30 years old when I saw myself in all the mess I had created and God, in His grace, called me back to Himself. He allowed me to see how far I had wandered away from Him. He offered me a new beginning with Him. I’m so thankful I chose His way and left my own way.

Life-Changing Encounter with Jesus

I lay on my bed as steady stream of tears flowed down my left cheek soaking my hair and pillow underneath. I was alone in my unlit room but I clutched another pillow to my face muffling my sobs. No one else would resolve my problems but I.

As I close my eyes, I found myself alone in a place of infinite darkness. There were no walls around me that I could lean on, no roof above me to provide shelter, and the floor I stood on was hidden from my sight. I had no one to turn to, nothing to hold on to and nowhere to go.

Love Is a Decision, Not Just a Feeling

Love Is a Decision, Not Just a Feeling

I had an affair with a married man when I was in my early 20s. He told me the truth only after six months in the relationship. I tried to end it but I couldn’t. Even religious traditions and practices were routinary and void of meaning. None of these brought me out of sin.

But as I earnestly prayed to Jesus asking Him why I was still in that painful relationship, His answer opened my eyes to the reality that everything I was experiencing was because of my own choices.

Rescued from Rebellion, Shaped for Submission

Rescued from Rebellion, Shaped for Submission

All throughout my teenage years, I was rebellious. I challenge the status quo. I defy rules I find unreasonable or irrelevant and follow only those I find beneficial. I did things on my own and made decisions for myself. I became independent and self-sufficient. I do what I want not what adults want or what popular opinion dictates.

My rebellion didn’t stop at teen. I’m still very much a sinner. Whenever I sin, I rebel against a holy God. The LORD is God, and there is no other; apart from Him there is no God. Everyone who sins is breaking God’s law, for all sin is contrary to the law of God.

Whenever we choose to take control of our own lives, we do what we think is right and best for us and fail to realize that our knowledge is limited and what we see is only here and now. We fail to recognize the truth that the Lord is God. He alone is sovereign and all-knowing. He knows infinitely more than what we know and sees from beginning to end. Therefore, the only wise thing to do is to have Him take control of our lives.  His plans for us are for our welfare and not for evil.

A Child's Thanksgiving

A Child’s Thanksgiving

Whenever I think about God’s faithfulness in my life, I can’t help but remember everything God has done in our family, beginning from my grandparents. My grandmother almost died when she was pregnant with my mom. My parents didn’t plan about me but God foreknew and created me for His purpose. He has been protecting and blessing my family, He gave me an opportunity to live and now He even adopted me so I can be called His child.

The blessings my siblings and I have received were not because of our hard work and perseverance but because of our parents and grandparents’. We have been enjoying the fruit of their perseverance.

The life I’m living now, rescued from a life of chasing after the wind, without fear of death, and certain of eternity, is also a fruit of another Person’s perseverance, sacrifice and unconditional love — Jesus Christ.

Christ's Righteousness Not My Own - Rone Jayson Mariazeta

Christ’s Righteousness Not My Own

Surrendering my life to Jesus was a gradual process. Being with people who have a different outlook from the world and striving to submit to the teachings of the Bible, knowing more of Jesus and His sacrifice on the Cross as payment for our sins, learning about the character of God and being confronted of my sins through our Bible studies, eventually made me decide to surrender my life to Him.

God faithfully continues to guide me. I still stumble and fall, I still have selfish motives and actions. But now, Jesus my living God and Savior reminds me to repent of my sins, turn to Him and to always seek Him for guidance. He continues to change my heart and mind day by day to become the person He desires me to be for His glory.

"God's Faithfulness in the Wilderness" - Ron Macalipay

God’s Faithfulness in the Wilderness

I was living a good life. I have a happy family and a good career in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Industry. I get to do what I want and buy what I need. Until I compared myself with my friends. They were more successful than I was. They had everything I wanted.

I left the Philippines with the goal of getting a job in Singapore. At first, everything happened according to my plan. Until I experienced being in the wilderness.

It became a time of testing and turning point for me. I needed to go through this trial because God wants me to take the path He prepared for me. He taught me that His plans for my life are far greater than my plans for my life. And I only need to fully surrender to His will. Through this experience, God humbled me and caused me to turn to Him for help and guidance.

"Can You Be Certain Whether You Will Be With God in Heaven?" by Jessica Simon

Can You Be Certain Whether You Will Be With God in Heaven?

If you were to die today, do you know for certain that you will be with God in Heaven?

If God were to ask you, “Why should I let you into My Heaven?” what would you say?

Saving faith is not mere head knowledge, like believing certain historical facts. The Bible says that the devil believes there is one God, so believing that there is one God is not saving faith. Saving faith is also not mere temporal faith, that is, trusting God for temporary crises such as financial, family, or physical needs. Now these are good, and you should trust Christ for these, but they are not saving faith! Saving faith is TRUSTING in Jesus Christ alone for eternal life. It means resting upon Christ alone and what He has done rather than in what you or I have done.

"Living in God's Love" - Christina Canapp

Living in God’s Love

Growing up in a Christian home, a daughter of a pastor and saved at a young age; my spiritual development and my childhood development were combined. I was surrounded with stories and lessons about Jesus and God.

In my teen years, God was consistently working in my life to draw me closer to Him. I increasingly differed from my friends in their standards and lifestyle choices. When my best friend fell pregnant at the age of 16, it was the final split. I no longer tried to hang on to friends that consistently pulled me towards the worlds’ way of thinking. I would choose to follow the Lord even if it meant I didn’t have a best friend.

God’s gracious love to me is what I live for. I am completely undeserving of His grace but He has poured it out in my life. God is faithfully working in me and is using circumstances and His Word to mold me to be more like Him.

"Proof of God's Stubborn Love" by Van Edaño

Proof of God’s Stubborn Love

Growing up, I only had a religion. Our family went to a Christian church but we weren’t committed. Eventually, we stopped attending altogether.

When I was about to go to college, my parents went bankrupt. The bank evicted us from our house. Everything crumbled. No more trucks. No more grocery. No more house. No more friends.

But our pastors were there during that difficult season. They comforted, encouraged and prayed for us. God showed His stubborn love through the persistence of the leaders of our church.

"From Altar Boy to Altar Call" by Thon Esguerra

From Altar Boy to Altar Call

From grade school all throughout college, I dedicated much of my time during weekdays and most especially weekends in studying about catechism and serving as an altar boy in Eucharistic events and other Sacraments.

Despite my devotion, service, and everything I learned about my faith, I still had fears and uncertainties. I was afraid I might not go to heaven. Even as a young professional, I still pondered on this. Until came a time when I was at my lowest.

The Lord used the lowest point of my life, and all my fears and uncertainties about the afterlife as a turning point to call me to Himself.

Proclaiming God's glory through life story.