God’s Battle (Part 2): A Pathway Through the Wilderness

I went out unafraid of the vast army ahead of me because of God’s promise the night before.  However, as the day unfolded, my heart was again in turmoil. I began to worry about a lot of things. I easily lost sight of Him. In my eyes, the vast army became greater than my Lord. “Are you really going to... Continue Reading →


God’s Battle (Part 1): Finding Peace and Comfort In the Face of a Vast Army

It took a long time for me to come up with a decision. I weighed the pros and cons, and from that I had an action plan but I was hesitant and thought of prolonging it. Then I inquired of the Lord on what I should do. I had hoped He would tell me to do what... Continue Reading →

Waiting Time is Never a Waste of Time

The Lord has His own perfect timing and His promises do not depend on human strength.

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